Release Year: 2021
Cast: Casey Calvert, Zoey Monroe, Danni Rivers, Bobbi Dylan
Genres: Teens, Petite, Big Cocks, Facials, Cumshots, Small Tits, Erotic Vignette
Video language: English

Zoey Monroe used to deliver vegan meal preps and she ended up at the wrong house! She was startled by the person who lived there and he chased her out of his house. She went back into her delivery van and realized her pussy was wet because she had peed herself, but she was also super turned on! She drove back to his house to see if he wanted to have sex with her, she couldn’t take his strong arms off her mind. She confessed that he got her pussy wet when he grabbed her, and he showed her just how wet he could make her pussy after that! They fucked all over his giant mansion and her pussy juice squirted all over in pleasure! Casey Calvert is in Las Vegas partying with her friends and being chauffeured around by a professional driver. They go through a car wash and her friends dare her to suck his cock and make him cum before the car wash is over, and she succeeds! After leaving her phone in the car, the driver comes back over to return her phone, and he startles her while she plays with her pussy on the bed. While she didn’t plan to see him again after sucking his cock, she can’t help want more! He licks her pussy and brings her over to her bed where he makes her cum repeatedly by stuffing her pussy with his giant dick! Danni Rivers is looking to rent a new house, and she found the perfect one – except for the price. She noticed the leasing agent was really sexy and decided to fuck him to get the price down. She fit his dick into her mouth and he fit the apartment into her budget! Bobbi Dylan has a major crush on her person trainer, but up ’til now, he hasn’t picked up on the cues. So Bobbi decides that instead of working on her jabs and right hooks, she’s going to put him on the mat and use him to her satisfaction until he’s TKO! Touching his dick through his shorts, Bobbi isn’t the kind of girl you say anything but "yes" to.

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