Release Year: 2021
Studio: Fcuk Cash, Hot MILFs Fuck
Cast: Lara Lynx
Genres: Blonde, Blowjob, Big Dick, Clips, Cowgirl, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl, HD, MILF, 1080p, Best Friend, Birthday, Exploited, First Time, Kinky, Old/Young, , Vibrator
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So today’s hot Mess, I mean MILF, is shy and giggly Lara Lynx who’s very excited to be fucking on camera for the first time. Hey everyone, those were her own words, not mine, and we just love bringing out the hot mess in all our hot MILFs. “So Lara are you nervous today?” asks Jake. “So should I be playing with myself as you ask me questions?” reply’s Lara. Well that wasn’t our question, but yes honey. Not only are you supposed to play with that kitty cat as we ask you questions. It’s highly encouraged. Even frowned upon if you don’t. So like a little kitten who becomes distracted when you toss it a ball of yarn, so is Lara when Jake disrobes our hot little number…
“So is this going to be the fastest you’ve ever fucked a guy?” asks Jake. “No,” giggles Lara. “Sometimes you just get really horny and start swiping on tinder.” But it wasn’t very good Lara admits and tinder swiping is just another one of life’s lessons learned she explains. But lessons learned with a dick in your mouth are some of life’s happiest mistakes and we are quite sure today’s going to be nothing like any of your disappointing swipe right sessions. So as Lara gets down to her birthday suit and Jake probes and fingers our hot, and more distracted by the minute MILF, you start to see more of the playful and kinky side of this girl begin to unfold. It always amazes me how once the cameras start to roll and a girl’s pussy gets fondled, the first timer jitters just start to fade away, and this girl’s no different. So with some nervous giggles and a few delicious licks of her new best friend, this MILF’s journey of exploration picks up steam. Now of course at first Jake starts off slowly. But you know Jake and soon she starts to realize the fun filled facts of the days events which consist of an all out assault of some quite amazingly awesome fucking that awaits her, and her vagina. But Steve is she prepared for the outright mind blowing, toe curling, make a young girl squeal and an old women blush fucking that is the Jake Adams Rail-me express? No. No she’s not, and you’ll all see why she called herself a hot mess afterwards. You see to the untrained eye Jake is a nice well-mannered young man that always treats girls like they are one of his . Well Jake doesn’t have a so he never learned those mister nice guy moves. But rest assured, occasionally he can be quite the gentleman. And luckily for you Lara, today’s not one of those days and you’re in for quite the treatment because no woman wants a mister nice guy, but someone who takes charge. Someone who will whisper sweet nothings in your ear and tell you what to do. Something like? “Spread your ass checks for me and show me your beautiful pussy and asshole.” Or maybe some reassuring words like, “I’m going to make you squirt today. Your pussy is mine and I’m going to dominate every part of your body, using you like a little fuck doll.” Yeah we have a way of romanticizing porn here at the Exploited X Network you see. It’s kind of our thing and today Lara we guarantee is not going to be anything like your other tinder rendezvous let downs. So you’re welcome honey and I must say you make a hot mess look pretty damn good girl.

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