Studio: Mario Salieri
Genres: European, Italian, Cosplay, Vintage, Milf, Big tits, All Sex, Oral, Full-lenght, Italian, MILFs, Mature, Big Tits, European, Kissing, Young, Old, Women Submission

Gennaro and Amalia Russo have been married for several years and live in a small house in the Borgo dei Vergini. Spouses live in poverty by renting a furnished room in a small apartment to poor married couples who, for economic convenience, agree to become accomplices in an ingenious fraud against men seeking sexual adventures. The scam works perfectly when unsuspecting victims harbor typical fears and superstitions of the lower part of the Neapolitan population, often characterized by a profound cultural backwardness. Those who do not accept the fraud should contend with Gennaro Russo who, like a sort of Pirandellian mask, wears a top hat that intimidates the ignorant with its strong evocative power. The problems come when falling into the trap is Attilio De Simone, a man of great culture, who, by chance, notices the fraud perpetrated against him and acts by implementing a strategy with unexpected implications. that intimidates the ignorant with its strong evocative power.

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