Preview / {simplepopup link=sos81}Description{/simplepopup}{simplepopup popup=false name=sos81}Description: Seka’s steamy sexuality explodes as she is seduced and compelled to reveal her insatiable bisexual desires. Her husband has gone to the office and a special request brings the two carpenters tremodeling her home in to the bedroom. No further permission is needed for them to take their simultaneous pleasure with her body! Later, Seka’s husband makes her beg for his attention. The camera catches a head-to-toe tilt of her incredible body and a lot more as she seduces her man to satisfy her needs. That evening Seka’s urge to taste her young babysitter’s sex overcomes her and she and her husband seduce the small breasted girl until she is quivering in orgasm. The next morning Seka visits a neighbor who is miserable over her cheating husband. Seka seduces her and is caught by Rhonda’s husband, who pleasures himself with each while the other watches than both women work him orally to a wild climax!

Starring: Seka, Rhonda Jo Petty, Steven Grant, Tina Verville, Mike Ranger

Language: English | Quality: DVDRip | Size: 827 MB | Duration: 92 min | Resolution: 720×536
Category: English Classic