Preview / {simplepopup link=dose}Description{/simplepopup}{simplepopup popup=false name=dose}Description: Here’s a leering look at Encounter Groups. Either that or a guide on how to contract Herpes. “A bunch of sickies” gather together at the New York apartment of Dr Grant They huddle up and discuss their sexual secrets. The doc’s super-freaky clientele include Elaine (Judy Otis), who was mauled by a sex maniac. Ominous horror movie music triggers a flashback. She is attacked in a stairwell by a switchblade-swinging loon who shouts,”I like you!” He then subjects her to his purple-headed cyclops. Not surprisingly, the whole experience leaves Elaine with a bad taste in her mouth. The group isn’t impressed by her sad story: “Why are you so uptight over a little nothing rape?” Next, it’s Show-and-Tell time for Alice (Susie Kwan) who met Herb (Pete Rickles) working on a “Sex Exploitation film.” Then (like Rashomon!) Herb recounts the same sordid scenario from his point of view. Only this time, it’s Alice who is the aggressor, making Herb chew through her thick foliage and piano wire pubes. (We’re talking serious carpet-munching. Imagine licking a shag rug.) “Doctor, my wife thinks she may be a lesbian,” reveals Victor (Marc Stevens). “Nooo!!!” sobs Celeste (Karen Cist). Guess what? Yeah, it’s off to Flashback Land again The couple catch their maid, Susie, test-driving her new vibrator. The sight drives Celeste mad with lust. Victor does what any hot-blooded husband would do — grabs his camera. Celeste eats her, Susie eats him, and then it’s time for some windsurfing on Mount Baldy. Judy is just a weed in the garden of love. She’s afraid of men. The doctor (who looks like someone whose name should be Slappy) takes her into another room, mumbles a few stupid words and hypnotizes her (Actually, the whole cast appear to have been hypnotized prior to filming.) While in a trance, the shrink undresses Judy and shoves his glue stick in her mouth. There goes her diet. Distortions of Sexuality climaxes with group sex as everyone’s bedlam passions are unleashed. All the fellators and fellatees screw with such vigor, I expected to see purple smoke coming out their asses. In a final coda. Dr Grant winds up in the slammer. A voice-over by “Sgt. Dunwich” sternly reminds us about the consequences of playing doctor! Directed by Gary Khan and released by Distribpix in 1972 When this played Washington’s New Plaza Theater, the print was seized by FBI agents! Porn stud Marc Stevens’ nickname was “10 and a half.” Can you guess why? Nope, it wasn’t his IQ. lt was in reference to his lobster-like dingus which resembled The Tingler.

Starring: Cindy West (as Judy Otis), Karen Cist, Susie Kwan, John Flemm, Marc Stevens, Pete Rickles{/simplepopup}

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